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Electrical Services

Founded in 2011, Jefferson Electric is one of the fastest-growing small businesses in Indianapolis. We are proud to serve the Greater Indianapolis and Lafayette communities by providing excellent electrical services to homeowners and businesses. Some of our clients include Subaru, Furrion, the Indiana Pacers, Bloomington Fire Department, The Bike Line Indy, and the Indianapolis International Airport. How can our company serve you today?

Commercial Electrical Services

At Jefferson Electric, we recognize that each business is distinct, with its own set of challenges and requirements. Our commitment lies in tailoring our services to address the specific needs of your enterprise, whether you operate in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, or any other industry.

From routine maintenance and troubleshooting to complex installations and upgrades, our team of skilled and experienced professionals has the expertise to handle a diverse range of electrical projects.

Our electrical services for commercial buildings include:

Commercial Electrical DGS

Commercial electrical DGS demand generation systems (DGS) optimizes energy consumption, reducing operational costs for businesses. By intelligently managing power demands, this service enhances efficiency and sustainability, ensuring businesses have the power they need when they need it.

Commercial Electrical Inspection

Our thorough commercial electrical inspection service ensures compliance with safety standards, identifies potential hazards, and provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their electrical systems. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected disruptions and safeguards both personnel and assets.

Advanced Electrical Services

Jefferson Electric’s advanced electrical services integrate new technologies into commercial operations, enhancing energy efficiency and system performance. Businesses benefit from increased reliability, reduced energy costs, and the ability to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Electrical Fault Finding Service

Identify and resolve electrical issues to minimize downtime for your business. By pinpointing faults with precision, we ensure a rapid and efficient response, preventing prolonged disruptions and potential damage to equipment.

Electrical Code Compliance

Jefferson Electric ensures businesses adhere to electrical codes, mitigating legal and safety risks while fostering a safe working environment and promoting the longevity and reputation of your business.

Electrical Rewiring Services

Upgrading outdated electrical systems enhances safety and accommodates the growing electrical demands of businesses. This modernization ensures a reliable and efficient power supply, reducing the risk of electrical failures and improving overall productivity.

Commercial Building Electrical Upgrades

Improve infrastructure resilience, support the integration of new technologies, and increase energy efficiency with commercial electrical upgrades. Businesses benefit from enhanced operational capabilities and reduced long-term maintenance costs.

Electrical Risk Assessment

Jefferson Electric identifies potential hazards in commercial electrical systems, allowing businesses to implement preventive measures. By proactively managing risks, businesses can create a safer work environment and protect against potential liabilities.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Upgrading electrical panels enhances a business’s capacity to handle modern energy demands. This not only improves overall system efficiency but also ensures that businesses can adapt to changing electrical requirements, promoting sustained growth and operational flexibility.

Where can we serve you?

Residential Electrical Services

Whether you’re undertaking a home remodel and need electrical upgrades or require electrical repairs, count on Jefferson Electric to provide quality electrical residential services for your family. Our professional electricians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide safe electrical work at a fair price.

Our electrical services include:

-Electrical service inspections

-Electrical risk assessment

-Replacing an electrical socket or a light switch

-Adding or replacing receptacles or outlets

-Installing additional switches or sockets

-Replacing GFCI switches (receptacles or outlets)

-Replacing fuses or breakers

-Repairing or replacing your electrical panel

-Small circuit breaker installation

-Electrical service upgrade

-Wiring installation for home remodel

-Rewiring part or all of your home

Knob & tube wiring remediation

-Installing a 240-volt circuit to charge an electric vehicle

-Switch out lighting fixtures or chandeliers

-Add ceiling fans

-Add light and switch

-Diagnosing electrical problems

-Install generator

-Smart electrical panel installation

-Electrical code compliance

Get To Know Us

Jefferson Electric has over ten years of experience estimating and implementing a wide variety of professional electrical solutions on time and within budget. We pride ourselves in the development of relationships with our customers. Because of this, the majority of faces we see and voices we hear are familiar ones.

As we continue to work with those that we know, it’s also very important to us that we operate with integrity in each project. We promise regular, clear communication with you throughout the entire process and to hold ourselves to a high level of excellence with each estimate and job.

Our electricians come highly recommended – see what our customers are saying:

Lafayette Customer Testimonial: “What an AMAZING experience! They did great work and came through with the timeline that I needed. The add on bonus is that they pride themselves in being a partner in the project rather than just DOING the project. It was more like having a friend help you than a business. I couldn’t recommend them more!!!!” – Carl K.

Contact Us for Resiential & Commercial Electrical Services

At Jefferson Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled electrical services that redefine safety, efficiency, and innovation for both residential and commercial clients. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of your family in your home or optimizing the electrical infrastructure of your business, we are dedicated to providing solutions that exceed expectations.

Don’t let electrical challenges compromise your comfort or hinder your business’s productivity. Contact Jefferson Electric today, and let our expertise create a brighter and more secure future for your electrical needs.

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