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Battery Storage
Battery Back-Up

We want to help our customers add value to their homes while protecting them from grid outages. Our top priority is to exhibit our core values through every interaction: relationship, integrity and excellence. We want to provide you with quality work and clear communication so you don’t have to worry about unanswered questions. You can trust us for all of these storage energy needs:

Our Battery Services Include:
Engineering & Feasibility Study: When a customer is interested in energy storage, but is unsure whether or not their property is suitable for installation, the customer and the Sales Account Manager request a feasibility study. These studies can help both the customer and the SAM to determine viability and give better insight into the design specifications for the system. After the study is complete the site surveyor relays all information to the SAM, who will create the design and follow up with the customer.

Consultation with an Expert: Prospective customers will receive an email invitation to schedule a consultation via phone with a Sales Account Manager. During this phone call, the customer will be asked about their electrical usage, their goals, preferences, budget for the project, and any limitations. The goal of the consultation is for the SAM to understand the customer’s desires in regards to a battery energy system.

Design & Proposal Process: After the consultation, the Sales Account Manager will create a design for the battery system that meets the customer’s criteria. This design, as well as applicable product spec sheets, are sent to the customer. The design may be altered, if necessary, until the customer approves. Then, the SAM will electronically send the customer a proposal to sign.
Extended Compliance Journey: When a Sales Account Manager receives a signed proposal, he will submit the appropriate information to the sales support team. The project then goes through processing in which the customer’s file is created, material list(s) and installation notes are added and the customer is added to the Project Status sheet. The scheduler is notified to book a site visit if a feasibility study was not performed and the accounting department is notified to invoice for any applicable deposit. Applications are prepared and submitted for permitting and interconnections when necessary.
Scheduling & Installation Expectations: Once all processing is complete, all permits have been received, interconnection applications have been approved (if needed), and invoices are paid to date, then the scheduler will be notified to book the installation for the project. After receiving scheduling confirmation from the customer, the scheduler notifies the warehouse team of the necessary materials and equipment for the project. Most installations can be completed in one or two days, although larger or more complex projects will take longer.  
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