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Unleash the Power of Energy Independence with Cutting-Edge Battery Backup and Storage Solutions!

At Jefferson Electric, we are committed to empowering you with state-of-the-art battery backup and storage solutions that take your energy independence to the next level. Say goodbye to power outages, rising utility rates, and dependence on the grid. Embrace a sustainable and resilient future for your home or business with our expertly designed battery solutions.

Residential Battery Backup: Take Charge of Your Energy Future

Don’t let power outages disrupt your daily life! Our advanced home battery backup systems ensure that your lights stay on, your appliances keep running, and your family stays safe during any outage. Say hello to peace of mind and reduced reliance on the grid. Our Energy Consultants will design a customized solution tailored to your specific usage needs, ensuring you have the power you need when you need it most. Experience energy independence like never before and make your home a beacon of sustainability.

Commercial Battery Storage: Empower Your Business with Uninterrupted Power

Maximize your business’s efficiency and profitability with our cutting-edge commercial battery storage solutions. Take control of your energy usage and reduce peak demand charges while safeguarding your operations against power disruptions. Our expert team will conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s energy requirements to design a battery storage system that optimizes your savings and enhances your environmental impact. Embrace sustainability while securing your bottom line.

The time to invest in your energy future is now. Don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more about our innovative battery backup and storage solutions. Experience the freedom, reliability, and savings that come with being in control of your energy destiny. Your sustainable future awaits – let’s make it happen together!

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Founded in 2011, Jefferson Electric is one of the fastest-growing small businesses in Indianapolis. We are proud to serve the Greater Indianapolis community by providing solar, electrical, energy storage, and EV charging services to homeowners, businesses, government and academic organizations. Some of our customers include Subaru, Furrion, The Pacers, Bloomington Fire Department, The Bikeline Indy, and the Indianapolis International Airport.

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